What are the Digital Signage Networks

In modern world of digitalization, digital signage network is a special way of silver casting in which media or video is displayed to public in the public places for informational purposes or advertisements. This digital signage network is generally comprised of a computer with an automatic playback device which is connected to a large LED screen for public display.
Digital signs are used for many day to day services, like digital exhibitions, digital marketing, digital way finding, digital place making, etc. Digital way finding is a very commonly used thing in public places to show direction and help in the navigation of the people.
Today, digital signage is used in almost every big public places, from schools, malls, departmental stores, office buildings, airports etc. and people are dependent on these displays to quiet an extent. Without the proper displays it will be hard to find out the suitable way to reach your goal.
Since the display is actually connected to a computer the data is synced with the real time network or the internet. These data are transmitted and stored in the compressed form and hence ensures saving of space. The same computer can be distributed to multiple displays.
Digital signage displays the contents via the following ways:

  • Interactive Interfaces: Combining the touch screen and the sensor application the digital displays can be user friendly and can take direct command from the user.
  • Video: Videos are displayed for commercial advertisements.
  • Text: Either scrolling, or dynamically updated via external source.
  • Images: Scrolling images or formatted digital images for advertisements.

Using digital signage can give you lot of advantages in place of paper signs. Following are the benefits of using digital signage:

  • The information can be updated via remote control without bother any individual physically.
  • Since the information is updated digitally they don’t involve any paint or paper and is more environment friendly.
  • This information can be made more interactive and interesting via good animation.

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