Tips: Select Reputed and Skilled Graphic Designing Company

Designing your advertisement properly goes a long way in getting the maximum value out of your digital signage. After all, what’s the point of installing a commercial grade signage, if people do not spare it a second glance? That’s why you need to get in touch with a reputed graphic designers to get the ads made. In Dublin, thankfully, it is not difficult to find a graphic designer worth his salt to make a brilliant ad for you. That said, here are three qualities that a graphic design company you approach should always have.

They should have been around for a long time

The field of graphic designing is highly competitive. As such, unless someone is damn good at his job, he is not going to last in the field for long. So, if you come across a graphic designing company that has been around for more than a few years, you can expect them to offer good value for your money.

They should be willing to show you samples and testimonials

A company that has been around for some time will undoubtedly have samples of their work that they would love to showcase for new clients. Find out whether the company you are approaching has such samples to show and go through those. Also, their website should have testimonials from satisfied clients. Go through these to get an idea of how effective their services are.

They should be willing to give you a quote

Once you explain to the digital signage provider what you need from them, they should be able to give you a fairly accurate estimate of how much you would have to pay for the entire service, right there. A company that delays this process should set off an alarm bell in your mind.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with a reputed provider of digital signage in Ireland and get attractive ads made for grabbing the attention of prospective customers, today.

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What To Decide On Before You Approach A Digital Signage Company?

Have you considered using digital signage to promote your products and services, on a regular basis? Then you should first decide how you want to do it. After all, if you are running a small business, a small signage should be enough for you. On the other hand, if you are promoting a major brand, then only a large signage put up in a prominent location with high visibility will get the job done. Here are a few pointers to help you do that:

  • If you want the signage to be up at least during business hours, every day, then you should not use an LCD TV to try to get the job done. TVs are nowhere as rugged as commercial signage and can sustain considerable wear and tear with regular usage. Go for a small sized signage if you must, but make sure it is commercial grade.
  • Decide on the maximum viewing distance you want to achieve with the signage. Do this before you start approaching digital signage companies, as this will dictate how high the signage should be installed, and in turn, the total cost of installation.
  • Decide who will design the advertisements. Ideally, you should approach a reputed graphic design studio to get the advertisements made. The better the ads look, the more they will attract attention of onlookers, after all. Be sure that the studio you approach has good reputation in the region and has been around for at least a few years, so that you can rest assured you will get high quality work.

Using digital signage can be a great way of promoting your business and reaching out to more prospective customers on a regular basis. Just make sure that you approach a reputed digital signage company to get the job done properly.

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Why Digital Signage Networks Are Here To Stay?

Display advertising used to be quite an expensive affair, considering that changing the content of a display board would mean completely removing the old content, or covering up with a new sheet of printed content. What’s more – not only would the printing cost more than an arm and a leg for most companies, hiring workers to put up the signage would cost extra, with no way of measuring returns from the investment. After all, who can count how many people have looked at a billboard on a given day?

The advent of digital display advertising has changed all that

With the rapid development of digital signage networks, it is now possible to just change the content of a billboard through a computer and a network connection. The content can thus be altered regularly, offering a whole new set of advantages to advertisers. For instance, if a retailer offers discounts on different products on different days of the week, it is possible for them to keep updating the daily offer on the LCD screen. On the other hand, if a company has an event coming up, they can simply post the information about it on a digital display board and change it to their usual advertising as soon as the event is over.

Digital signage soon pays off the initial expenses

Initially, installing a digital advertising board may be more expensive than a conventional board. However, considering it is hassle free and easy to update the content as and when necessary instead of having to tear down the existing ad completely, it helps advertisers save a lot of money. In fact, in the long run, digital signage actually helps advertisers save money on promotions.

Given the advantages of digital signage networks, it is hardly a surprise that they are being used extensively by major brands and local businesses alike these days. In the coming days, the popularity of these tools can only be expected to rise.

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What is the Benefit of Digital Menu Boards

In present world everything is about digitalization. Likewise digital signage has made a remarkable impact in man’s life today. Without digital signage life won’t be so comprehensive and easy. That is why now you see digital screen at public places trying to give you information that you need without any hassle.

Digital signage is actually display of some media that portrays some information to the public through a digital screen. These digital screens are connected to a computer which is installed with an auto-play option. This ensures that the screen keeps on showing the information. These screens are used in all the modern public places, from office buildings, departmental stores, schools, restaurants, cafe, etc.

Digital menu board is of the part of this digital signage that is quiet popular used all over the world. These are generally used in the cafes and restaurants. Installing one of these menu boards will give you the following benefits:

  • You can alter the menu or any information in the board without much hassle, all you need to do is edit the media file that was being played on the board and it is all ready to go.
  • You can change the price and the menu with just your fingertips by editing the media file that is on the play.
  • According to the taste of the customer you can advertise that product with interactive and vivid images and videos on the board to ensure more sale and customer indulgence.  
  • Since the menu is on auto-play option, it changes automatically in accordance with the time without giving you any hassle.
  • You can manage the menu board with the help of internet remotely from anywhere you want, so evade employee mishaps.
  • This menu boards empties your hand from customer queries, as they are themselves enriched with information and saves your time and energy.

Digital menu boards have many benefits and being a modern businessperson you should install them at your place to save time, energy and money. For this all you need to do is ensure that your board is installed properly and is well integrated with the computer system.

Availing the best menu boards which are digital in UK is now easy because you can get them from the best. Focalmedia is the place for you, where you can get the right product at the right price and ensure proper installation with the quality service by the expert professionals at your aid. Get more on them by visiting

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What are the Digital Signage Networks

In modern world of digitalization, digital signage network is a special way of silver casting in which media or video is displayed to public in the public places for informational purposes or advertisements. This digital signage network is generally comprised of a computer with an automatic playback device which is connected to a large LED screen for public display.
Digital signs are used for many day to day services, like digital exhibitions, digital marketing, digital way finding, digital place making, etc. Digital way finding is a very commonly used thing in public places to show direction and help in the navigation of the people.
Today, digital signage is used in almost every big public places, from schools, malls, departmental stores, office buildings, airports etc. and people are dependent on these displays to quiet an extent. Without the proper displays it will be hard to find out the suitable way to reach your goal.
Since the display is actually connected to a computer the data is synced with the real time network or the internet. These data are transmitted and stored in the compressed form and hence ensures saving of space. The same computer can be distributed to multiple displays.
Digital signage displays the contents via the following ways:

  • Interactive Interfaces: Combining the touch screen and the sensor application the digital displays can be user friendly and can take direct command from the user.
  • Video: Videos are displayed for commercial advertisements.
  • Text: Either scrolling, or dynamically updated via external source.
  • Images: Scrolling images or formatted digital images for advertisements.

Using digital signage can give you lot of advantages in place of paper signs. Following are the benefits of using digital signage:

  • The information can be updated via remote control without bother any individual physically.
  • Since the information is updated digitally they don’t involve any paint or paper and is more environment friendly.
  • This information can be made more interactive and interesting via good animation.

Get the best digital signage services from the best in UK by focalmedia. They have the right devices for you in the most appropriate way to give you the best of services. They have best quality product with proficient technicians who will properly install you the product and will ensure you the proper functioning. They are also very budget friendly and all these you can get at a very affordable price. To know more on them just log in to

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The Key Benefits of Digital Screens

Today’s world is all about digitalization. Everywhere you look is all digitalized. This is because digitalization makes things easy and comprehensive. One way of doing this is by installing interactive digital screens. These screens are actually part of digital signage. What is digital signage? It is the process by which a media is displayed via a digital screen in the public to give information regarding a particular thing.

You will find this digital signage in the cafes, bars, and other public places, where the menu or the notice, or the navigation is displayed on the screen. This process is now taking a new hype with the help of interactive digital screens. There are many benefits of these screens; some of them are listed as follows:

  • It helps in reducing the cost by making a onetime investment, as you can just alter the data in the computer to update the information and don’t have to alter the entire thing like in old days where paint was used for displaying some information.
  • These screens are connected with computer which have web access, thus it runs with updated live feeds. You can see the tweets, the news feed, currency update, or maybe RSS feed and weather updates.
  • This is the best and the subtle way of advertising your product to the customer unlike the old and traditional methods of advertisements. Here the ads are displayed through vivid colours and are displayed and connected with the customers in silent manner.
  • You can update the contents of your display with the click of fingertips, unlike previously where you had to install the whole new set of newly painted ads.
  • Since the display is the combination of HD quality pictures and innovative and capturing texts, it influences the customers and they indulge more into the product.
  • You can also use these displays to ensure your clients and other people the progress of the work with the help of continuous update through the display.

Retail digital screens are best thing you can install in your organization or business. It will make things easy and comprehensive. You need to buy these digital screens from the best place in UK, to ensure yourself the quality and proper installation of such retail digital screens.

To get the best of the digital signage service and digital screens check for the focalmedia who are best in the town. They have the proficient professionals to guide you with the screens and install them properly in the most affordable way. To know more on them just log in to

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The 5 Important Benefits of Digital Signage

In the world of digitalization, digital signage has made a terrific impact. This is actually display of media on a digital screen in a public place for hot shedding a sweat. The benefits are as follows:

  1. No Paper Needed:   This does not require the use of paper. Therefore, when a new message arrives the message is automatically shown in the display screen and the old message, which is outdated, is taken away. There is no wastage of paper and it is an important plus point for the increasing eco-friendly customers.
  2. Engaging Audiences:  This is gaining popularity all over the world. It is a much more dynamic, multimedia based communication channel. It is effective in harnessing an individual’s comfort level with the help of its interactive feature thus making it a more engaging experience for the audience.
  3. Accessibility is Convenient:  Messaging on digital signage can be controlled locally or remotely depending upon the place where its is situated. Because of this communication channel, there is less of footwork at the time of raising campaigns. This not only saves the time but also is very cost efficient.
  4. Overcoming Spatial Limitations:  Users are able to rotate their messages and advertisements constantly, which eliminates the need to post multiple advertisements. This reduces the amount of space required to advertise the same number of individual advertisements or messages. By this method, messages evolve dynamically based on the changing conditions like day and night, change of weather, etc.
  5. Assurance of Targeted Content:  Messages on digital signage can be rotated. The content that is being displayed is based on the type of audience present at a particular place at a particular time. For example –
  • Upcoming concert performances captures music or concert fans
  • Sporting events such as Football or Hockey targets sports fans
  • Pub digital Signage will play music whether the file is audio or video.

You can get this digital signage or pub digital signage according to your need and place for better interaction with the people without much of a trouble. For this you need to get this from the trusted place and no one but focalmedia can ensure such class quality. They also come in very affordable price and you get it installed by their expert technicians. To know more just log in to

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5 Tips to Choose a Digital Screen that You Should Follow

In the modern world, Digital Signage refers to the use of digital symbols to communicate a message to a group of people. This is usually used in the field of marketing. A LCD or LED digital screen is used to project contents such as images, videos, streaming media, etc. These types of screens can be found in transportation systems, museums, stadiums, hotels, restaurants, etc.

The 5 tips needed in order to choose a Digital screen are:

  1. What and Where to Place: The screens will display only what is planned to display on them. For teaching students, a screen in each of the classrooms is enough to teach them their values and education. If the content is an interactive one, make sure that people can easily touch and interact with them. If audio is planned to be applied, then the screen should be placed in a public area such as the side of the road or in the middle of a crossroad on a platform.
  2. Keeping It Accessible: The screen should be placed at eye level or a little above that. This is because if its placed to high then people will not be able to read it or interact with the content thus putting all efforts in vain. Accessibility for people in wheelchairs and shorter views is important for interactive content. This can be done by placing the control options at the bottom of the digital screen.
  3. Targeting Crowded Areas: Placing displays in high traffic areas might seem very obvious but due to the work rush and network problems, people do not get the time to stand and check out the screens. The best areas to place these screens are where people gather frequently. This will help them linger there for a long time and check out the interactive content. Some of the best places to place them are lobbies, lounges, information desks, elevator waiting areas, etc.
  4. Thinking Small: Majority of the times we deal with large displays, but now its time to think about placing smaller displays. Screensavers on computers around the office or campus can be used to deliver the digital signage playlists. In some environments, a small display showing a particular message is effective than a large screen showing many contents. Small displays can be mounted in cafeteria booths to send targeted advertisements and announcements to the general public.
  5. Getting Personal: Just because the audience is not front of a small or big screen that does not mean that we cannot reach them. By making playlists on smart-phones and tablets, viewers can grab hold of them and see the advertisements and announcements. This is one of the best ways to reach audiences who are on the move such as students who are off campus. It does not matter what type of hardware is being used as long as the content is readable, relevant and convenient to the general public.

Wondering where to get these devices? Then think no more, and opt for the very best in UK with focalmedia. They will provide you with the best of products and the class service with the help of their expert professionals. They are also very affordable and economic. To know more on them just log in to

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Find a Customer-Oriented Screen Advertising Consultant in Dublin and See you Business Grow

It is really interesting and surprising to see how latest technologies have changed the way people interact and behave in the space and time between two boxes – home and office. More or less, every aspect has undergone a certain degree of transformation, thus changing the lifestyle of the people. Perhaps, you also realize this massive change called “digitization”.
One of the best and most relevant examples in this regard is transition from traditional poster advertising to screen advertising. The perfect amalgamation of business intelligence and state-of-the-art technologies, screen advertising is used for influencing the psychology of ‘the targeted customers’. Most importantly, the content of the ads depend on certain factors, like location, occasion, time, etc. If you are a brand and looking forward to increase your market presence, then you can easily find a Screen Advertising Consultant in Dublin.

How you can leverage the benefits of screen advertising?

  • Screen ads are purposefully designed to draw the attention of the viewers with impactful large-format commercials and ads, when the latter are utterly bored in tiring traffic jams. The best part – the viewers are not able to switch the ads off.
  • Such ads basically target the young, affluent and always ready-to-shop people. This section of the society, what companies called the ‘targeted group’ is more likely to consume the largest number of brand marketing or advertising messages.
  • Screen adverts focus on promoting the trend and style your brand possess. Advertising among the prominent and widely popular brand associates will help you increase the value of your brand.
  • These types of advertisements deliver the highest rate of occurrence or frequency, in comparison to any other ad platform, which in turn helps you reach out your target consumers with lowest CPM (cost per thousand).

What things to look for in a service provider?

Well-established and reputable screen advertising service providers are more likely offer services given below:

  • They specialize in almost every aspect related to digital signage, right from supply to installation and content creation to digital advertisement network(s) operation and management.
  • They make use of every possible approach, from DAMOC screen, digital menu screens, in-house networks, educational, financial, way-finding, cinema to incorporation of various social media platforms to help your business grow.
  • Each and every processional they employ is well-trained and hardworking.
  • Whether it is the initial consultation or installation, if you happen to find a good Screen Advertising Consultant in Dublin, you can take a sign of relief.

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Digital Signage Supply for Fostering Teamwork and Increasing Business Productivity

With the businesses moving at a faster rate than never before, as a business owner you should leverage the benefits of every possible technological innovation that has the capability of making your business processes effective. Although digital signage is gaining popularity day by day, there are a number of companies, especially supply chains that overlook the same. That’s because, they fail to understand the power of Digital Signage Supply, when it comes to improving the speed of supply chains.
Are you a part of the same bandwagon? If so, then check out the tips given below. They might help you understand how the incorporation of digital signage can help you remove the obstacles coming your way.

Don’t forget – priorities change

    • As far as the most important things associated with supply chains is concerned, it’s – priorities do change continuously with time. Whether it’s sudden and unexpected orders by customers, missed deliveries, system or machine failure or any other unforeseen situation, people do change their preferences and priorities.
    • Suppose, you are using the age-old schedule board platform that is operated manually and one day, something went wrong with it, all of a sudden. What will you do then? Well, of course you ask someone to check out what’s wrong and fix the issues, if any. However, it might be a time-taking process and enough for distracting your customers. Apart from that, you might have to shell out a fortune and wait for long to see things come to normal. Therefore, it’s better to switch to digital signage.
    • Digital signage supplies are easy to use as well as update. One of the best features, you don’t have to update each and every screen installed in your facility one by one, as you can update multiple digital screens at the same time. So, a single glance and you will be able to know what the top-priorities of the hour are. It also eliminates the chances of errors.
    • High quality Digital Signage Supply from a company with years of experience can also help in fostering team work. When the entire team of professionals is aware of the priorities, the performance is bound to increase.,

With advantage like these, the global market of digital signage is considered to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of around 8.18 percent by the year 2020. This has been predicted by an esteemed organization after conducting various researches. So, it’s high time you should go digital.

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