Benefits of Signage in Hospitality

Guests putting up in hotels often look for personalized services and information that may not instantly be available. It can range from videos to greetings, among many other requirements. Digital signages are extremely helpful when it comes to the hospitality sector, as relevant information can be put up on digital display boards in a matter of minutes. It also allows you to customize content for both individuals and groups whenever there is a requirement. If you are interested in finding out how digital signages are beneficial for the hospitality sector, go through the following:

  • To keep guests informed

You can send quick information to your guests about the offerings of your hotel with the help of display boards. Whether it is the check in and checkout schedules, timing of restaurants, location of the gym and pool, all the details can be updated on the displays for the guests. There are a set of commonly asked questions guests often ask. The digital boards can be used for this purpose too. You can also inform your guests about services that you charge more for, like laundry and massage services.

You can also send them quick information about the happening of the outside world. Connect your media player to the lobby signage so that the updates are generated automatically. News feeds, weather updates, stock exchange status, all such information can be sent easily to the guests via digital display boards. Local information and alerts can also be generated.

  • To announce the menu of your restaurant

You can place digital display boards in strategic points in your hotel such as the restaurant, cafe or lounge that can advertise the menu of the day, special menu and drink offers and so on. In fact, you can design the display such that it showcases the breakfast, lunch and dinner menus too.

  • Customize content for groups and conferences

As hotels are a hotspot for weddings, conventions and conferences, the digital display boards can be used to exhibit special messages, welcome messages and other related information. They can also provide directions to specific rooms inside the hotel.

  • To sell content to other advertisers

You can generate one more stream of profits for your hotel by running ads for other businesses. They can include tour groups, shuttle and other transport services, restaurants, among many others.