5 Tips to Choose a Digital Screen that You Should Follow

In the modern world, Digital Signage refers to the use of digital symbols to communicate a message to a group of people. This is usually used in the field of marketing. A LCD or LED digital screen is used to project contents such as images, videos, streaming media, etc. These types of screens can be found in transportation systems, museums, stadiums, hotels, restaurants, etc.

The 5 tips needed in order to choose a Digital screen are:

  1. What and Where to Place: The screens will display only what is planned to display on them. For teaching students, a screen in each of the classrooms is enough to teach them their values and education. If the content is an interactive one, make sure that people can easily touch and interact with them. If audio is planned to be applied, then the screen should be placed in a public area such as the side of the road or in the middle of a crossroad on a platform.
  2. Keeping It Accessible: The screen should be placed at eye level or a little above that. This is because if its placed to high then people will not be able to read it or interact with the content thus putting all efforts in vain. Accessibility for people in wheelchairs and shorter views is important for interactive content. This can be done by placing the control options at the bottom of the digital screen.
  3. Targeting Crowded Areas: Placing displays in high traffic areas might seem very obvious but due to the work rush and network problems, people do not get the time to stand and check out the screens. The best areas to place these screens are where people gather frequently. This will help them linger there for a long time and check out the interactive content. Some of the best places to place them are lobbies, lounges, information desks, elevator waiting areas, etc.
  4. Thinking Small: Majority of the times we deal with large displays, but now its time to think about placing smaller displays. Screensavers on computers around the office or campus can be used to deliver the digital signage playlists. In some environments, a small display showing a particular message is effective than a large screen showing many contents. Small displays can be mounted in cafeteria booths to send targeted advertisements and announcements to the general public.
  5. Getting Personal: Just because the audience is not front of a small or big screen that does not mean that we cannot reach them. By making playlists on smart-phones and tablets, viewers can grab hold of them and see the advertisements and announcements. This is one of the best ways to reach audiences who are on the move such as students who are off campus. It does not matter what type of hardware is being used as long as the content is readable, relevant and convenient to the general public.

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