3 Types of digital signage advertising

Digital technology is gaining ground consistently and that is most apparent in signs and electronic advertisements. Digital signage is gradually being used in a variety of settings such as both public and private. You can see them in stores and even in corporate buildings and public squares.

Digital signage advertising is used for a variety of needs and can be private and public or both and advertisements that market products and services. Corporate messages, weather information and news along with advertisements all reach a considerable audience.

There are 3 types of digital signage advertising that captures the attention of 3 types of audience. These include the passerby who views an advert for not more than 30 seconds. The waiter is one type of an audience that views a digital signage for more the 30 to 120 seconds. The display locations are the cashier desks at banks, reception desks of large companies and some other media. The lounger is the third type of the viewing audience that views a digital signage advertising for more than 20 to 30 minutes. Lounges and cafes along with break rooms and cinema halls are common place areas that attract the lounger.

The three forms of digital signage that attracts this audience is listed below:

  1. The outdoor digital signage is some place wherein there is a media player and an LCD screen that shows the audience specific information. This outdoor signage includes large screens and welcome displays. Pricing displays and Digital menu boards are also some other forms of outdoor digital signage advertising. Digital way finding and point of purchase displays are some of the others.
  2. The many forms of indoor digital signage is located in hotels, malls and the cinema halls. The most common type of an indoor signage display is the digital poster. Hair salons and restaurants also use giant LCD screens and media players.
  3. The last form of the digital signage is the mobile version. This method is the cheapest and the most widespread especially among the developing societies of the world. You can get your message across cheaply and very effectively when you go through the personal route of targeting mobile handsets. Signage vests are commonly used and can attract any target audience. The mobile screens are best to capture an audience especially the young and the working in all spheres of life. Internet also is on the go in mobile handsets so digital signage, the mobile way is chiefly gaining fast popularity.

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