3 Tips to Create Great Digital Signage Content

It’s here, it’s there, it’s everywhere! Nowadays, you can see all sorts of businesses advertising their products and services through digital billboards and light boxes tucked at every imaginable corner of the city. However, does that mean all of those businesses are drawing as much customer attention as they want? The answer is: NO.

Digital signage is a great way to let people know about your business. However, there are chances that it might be just a case of blink-and-miss if you don’t know how to create the right impact. Besides, the choice of colours, the right design and other aesthetics, content is yet another important factor in creating memorable ads. In fact, content plays big role in determining whether your ad will attract people or go unnoticed. That’s why we have compiled list of 3 big tips for creating great digital signage content.

Tip #1: Keep in mind the visibility

All those jazzy designs and witty copies will fall flat if you’re not sure of your ad’s visibility. You must choose the size of your text keeping in mind the distance from which it’ll be read.

Besides, also set the right contrast of the text against the background. For instance, a dark background with neon colors or white characters are a strict no-no. Always remember, what puts the readers under stress should be avoided.

Tip #2: Study the viewing pattern of your target customers

The location of your ad has a lot to do with the viewing pattern of your target customers. Let’s take three instances.
Instance 1- If your ad is put up inside a hallway where people are constantly on the move, you have a very limited time to catch their attention.
Instance 2- If your ad is located near an elevator or a staircase, a lobby or a reception area, where people tend to wait, there are greater chances that it’ll be read.
Instance 3- If your ad is inside a retail shop or a buyer’s zone, it can affect the purchase decision of the buyers.
Needless to say, for above three instances, the structure of your content must vary accordingly. In the first case, your copy should be short and crisp. Campaigns and announcements can be good examples of such content. For the second instance, well-crafted content of informative and detailed nature can engage readers. The third instance calls for a copy that has a strong promotional appeal.

Tip #3: Choose the right fonts

Fonts are a great way to make your ad content visually pleasing. However, you must know how to use them optimally. It’s advisable that you stick to standard and legible fonts like Ariel, Times New Roman or Verdana. You might choose between serif fonts like Ariel and Verdana or sans-serif fonts like Times and Garamond. However, for bigger displays sans-serif fonts ensure better readability.
Never write your ad copies in upper case. While you may think that it helps readers, it actually creates a visual block. While you may feel tempted to play with different fonts, never use more than two fonts. Also, never make the mistake of mixing sans-serif and serif fonts together. Many tests have shown that mixing fonts hampers the readability to a great extent.